June 24, 2024

The different functional needs of a hospital require different types of furniture. Seat heights, durability, safety, and modularity are all factors to consider when selecting hospital furniture. Choosing the right pieces will ensure the comfort and efficiency of patients and staff. Here are some examples of major pieces of hospital furniture in UAE.

Electrosurgical unit:

Electrosurgical units have different furniture needs ranging from storage to workstations. These units can be compact and lightweight and are designed to accommodate various surgical processes. They are also available with a variety of accessories.

Surgical lights:

Surgical lights are some major pieces of hospital furniture that a surgeon needs to have at hand. These lights are an important part of any surgery room and must be properly installed to ensure that they are properly illuminated. It’s essential to hire a professional to install these lights to ensure that they are installed safely and properly.

Hospital trolleys:

There are many different types of hospital trolleys. Some are used for surgeries, while others are used to transport medicine or other medical equipment. Trolleys are usually made from heavy-duty wheels and stainless steel.

Ergonomic furniture:

Ergonomic furniture is a great way to help hospitals increase patient comfort while working. Using the right furniture will help reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues, including back issues and neck pains. Ergonomic furniture is also a great way to improve interactions between doctors and patients.

Vinyl upholstery:

One new study suggests that vinyl upholstery on major hospital pieces can be more effective than fabric in fighting infection-causing bacteria. The findings confirm the value of the durable material, which is much easier to disinfect and clean than fabric. This is a major benefit in preventing the spread of bacteria that can cause serious illnesses.


Medical centers should consider soundproofing major pieces of furniture to ensure patients are protected from excessive noise. Various types of noise-absorbing panels are available in the market. Portable acoustic partitions are also available for dividing patient rooms. These are made from sound-absorbing materials, including cotton or polyester, and can be lined with fiberglass for better insulation.

When it comes to hospital furniture, durability is an important factor to consider. Hospital furniture needs to be durable enough to hold a weight of up to 400 pounds and should be easy to replace if it becomes damaged. It should also be easy to maintain.