June 4, 2023

Soundproof drywalls are made from materials that are resistant to sound. Some have multiple layers and can be insulated with green glue or acoustic sealant. Some are made of mineral wood or MLV. If you install these on walls, you have several products on the market that claim to help soundproof drywall. Some are QuietRock and acoustic drywall panels in Dubai, while others are based on a more scientific approach. Listed below are a few examples.


The QuietRock soundproof drywall system offers the ultimate soundproofing at an affordable price. It is an environmentally friendly product with an STC rating of more than 75 and is ideal for residential and commercial construction. QuietRock is a three-layer product that consists of two layers of gypsum drywall sandwiched between layers of a viscoelastic sound-absorbing polymer. This polymer acts like a rubber compound to absorb sound waves.

Acoustical foam:

Acoustic foam is an important component of soundproofing drywall. It helps to reduce the vibration of sound and reduces leakage. You can use it on walls, ceilings, and seams. It is also effective at soundproofing open spaces. There are several types of acoustic foam.

Among them, acoustic foam is one of the best choices for soundproofing a room. However, if you want more significant results, you must apply other soundproofing types. You can buy acoustic foam in many different thicknesses and colors. Some brands even come in attractive colors. Regardless of the material you choose, you will find that acoustic foam will improve audio quality and reduce sound leakage. It is commonly used in home theatres, recording studios, and music rooms.

Acoustical tile:

You can use acoustic tiles to soundproof drywall without removing the drywall. The best tiles have a noise-reduction coefficient (NRC) of 80 percent or higher. You can also look for an attenuation class (AC) of 40 or 44. You should look for these ratings on the box or literature of the tile.

Acoustical drywall:

If you are looking for a soundproofing solution for your home, you should consider using soundproof drywall. This drywall helps reduce unwanted noises without sacrificing contact with the outside world. You can even get soundproof drywall with fire and mold-resistant properties. You can find several different acoustic drywall types and one that works for you.