March 5, 2024
The Limitations Of An Exterior Insulation Finishing System 


EIFS system has many limitations, including its inability to be used anywhere a building’s climate is humid. The resulting dampness can compromise the insulation, making it unsuitable for exterior cladding. Additionally, it may need to have the necessary drainage and drying capabilities. These limitations can lead to problems, such as cracking or leaking.

Fire departments must include EIFS in their critical information databases. Firefighters must be aware of its presence in a fire, as the material is more difficult to extinguish than other materials. Firefighters should use two-inch hoses when battling fires in EIFS. Firefighters should also know that foam insulation burns more easily when installed horizontally.

When installed properly, exterior insulation finishing systems can improve the energy efficiency of a building and its thermal performance. However, improper installation techniques can lead to severe mold growth. Additionally, older variations of EIFS don’t include drainage systems. The result is a home that can be vulnerable to illnesses caused by exposure to mold. Therefore, proper EIFS installation is essential to ensure a healthy environment for your family. 10% of the population is allergic to mold, and half is at risk of illnesses due to mold exposure.

The exterior insulation finishing system is a type of building material often mistaken for concrete or stucco. It is commonly used in commercial and residential constructions but can also be used in mixed-use buildings. For additional information, you can visit the website of the appropriate building product manufacturer or building product association.

Manufacturers often offer a catalog outlining their products’ benefits and drawbacks. These documents also often contain installation instructions. If in doubt, consider hiring a professional installer to check your system. This way, you can ensure the system meets industry standards. There are many other options available for insulating your home.

EIFS is considered the least expensive exterior cladding system available. However, the cost of EIFS depends on the quality of the insulation board and the exterior finish coat. A textured brick-like EIFS will cost more than a simple stucco-like finish. Premium brick siding can cost as much as DH15 per square foot.