May 25, 2024
Different Types Of Safe Deposit Lockers


When it comes to secure storage of valuables, safe deposit lockers in Dubai come in several varieties. These include electronic, virtual, and traditional two-key units. Each type has different benefits and drawbacks. Learn how to choose the best type for your needs. Here are some features to consider when deciding between different types of safe deposit lockers.

Electronic safe-deposit boxes:

Safe deposit boxes are used to store important documents. They can be rented by an individual or a group of people. If you rent a box for a group of people, you can designate a power of attorney, which enables multiple people to access the contents. However, this type of box is not disaster-proof. You should keep important documents in waterproof and fire-proof bags or boxes.

Banks have long offered safe deposit boxes, but more people are avoiding them and opting for home safes or digital storage. Still, if you’re willing to put a small deposit into a box, you might find that the bank has a free safe deposit box available for rent.

Virtual safe-deposit boxes:

Virtual safe-deposit boxes are a great way to store confidential documents. They offer 24-hour access and are available for retrieval by someone who has the key combination. These services can help store business plans or financial data. They also allow you to store documents with your accountant or lawyer. Using virtual safe-deposit boxes can also provide you with the peace of mind that your financial information is secure.

Traditional two-key safe deposit locks:

A traditional two-key safe deposit lock is an old-fashioned locking system that requires two keys to open it. One key is held by the customer, and the other is held by the bank. This system offers greater security because two people must be present to open it. For example, when you go to a bank to deposit money, you must be in the same building as the bank employee who will be opening the box.

The number of keys a traditional two-key safe deposit lock can hold varies, but the lock will generally have more than one. The higher the number, the better. Some safe deposit boxes have up to 57 levers. The renter side has seven levers, and the guard side might have fewer or the same number of levers.