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Prestigio MultiPad line of Android tablets goes the affordable way

You probably haven’t heard much about Prestigio, a company based in Cyprus and specialized in producing various electronics for the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa), most of them targeted towards budget oriented customers. Their products might not be the best but they do offer good value for the money and that’s why they are pretty appreciated.

Now, Prestigio also has a new line of tablets, called the MultiPad, which includes a couple of different devices.

The most affordable of all is the Prestigio MultiPad PMP 3084PB, which goes for around 179 euros. It comes with an 8.4 inch 800 x 600 px display, but we don’t know if it’s going to be capacitive or resistive (we hope for a capacitive screen of course, but in this price range, we might well get a resistive one instead). In terms of hardware, there’s a ARM Rockchip A9 processor clocked at 700 MHz inside, plus 256 MB of memory and up to 16 GB of storage space through SD cards.

There’s also Android 2.1 Eclair, so no support for Flash 10.1 and no word of a future update to Froyo. You also get a mini USB slot, 3.5 mm jack and Wireless, but not 3G or Bluetooth. And the battery included, a 4000 mAh one, should be enough for up to 6.5 hours of life on  a single charge. More details via this link.

In terms of build quality, Prestigio products usually don’t impress, but this MultiPad actually looks quite good and sleek. Weighs just under 1 pound and measures only 0.5 inch, but I’ll hold my final thoughts on looks till I actually manage to see one of these live, which should happen soon, as Prestigio announced this one to go on sale in late February.

8.4 inch Prestigio MultiPad tablet heading to stores for below 200 euros

8.4 inch Prestigio MultiPad tablet heading to stores for below 200 euros

Besides the 8.4 inch model, Prestigio also prepares two more tablets series for later this year, both including 7 inch and 10 inch models.

First, the 5 series will come with prices starting at around 200 euros and offer the same ARM 9 processors, 256 MB of memory, up to 8 GB of storage via SD cards and Android Eclair. More details here, about the 7 inch and the 10 inch versions.

Prestigio preps a vast offer of afforable Android tablets

Prestigio preps a vast offer of afforable Android tablets

The top of the line Prestigio Multipads, the 7 series, does come with some extra goodies.

MultiPad 7100C is the top of the line device

MultiPad 7100C is the top of the line device

First, the 7 inch 7070C will offer a 7 inch 800 x 480 px multitouch display and a 1 GHz ARM processor, plus up to 8 GB of storage space via micro SD card. You also get Android 2.2 Froyo as the OS and extra connectivity options, with 2 micro USB slots, micro HDMI, Wireless N and Bluetooth. There’s also a front facing webcam and battery should last for up to 7-8 hours during everyday use.All these in a device weighing as much as 0.6 pounds sounds pretty good for me.

The 10 inch 7100C model comes with all the things above, but a 10.1 inch 1024 x 600 px display and is slightly thicker and heavier (at around 1.1 pounds). Pricing for the 7 series is expected to start at around 300 – 330 euros for the unsubsidized products.

None of these tablets will actually get Access to the Android store, but Prestigio at least offers its own shop, with music, movies, ebooks and some software. And you can install of course most of your favorite Android apps, it just won’t be as fast as tap tap tap 😛

All in all, the Prestigio MultiPads are good options for affordable everyday tablets. Their offer is quite complete and while the MultiPads won’t compete with top of the line devices like the Galaxy Tab or the Motorola Xoom, I’m pretty sure many of you will at least consider them.

As for availability, like I said, the MultiPads will be available in up to 40 countries in Europe, Middle east and Africa, in the next months. They won’t reach the US though.

That’s it for the moment but I really am looking forwards to see these tablets in action and hopefully will manage to get my hands on some of them soon. So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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Last updated: February 22, 2011 | Published: February 22nd, 2011
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