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Google Nexus Prime rumors: price, specs and probable release date

The iPad is the number one tablet PC and the iPhone is the number one smartphone. That’s how things are for some time now and that’s how things would probably remain for quite a while. Unless…

Unless another computer multinational corporation, aside from Apple, will be able to release a fast, powerful and reliable product to compete with one of the two gadget best-sellers. And who else could fit this description if not Google? And if we talk about a product coordinated by Google and manufactured by Samsung, we start to get a pretty good picture of a serious iPhone contender…

Therefore, after the rumors that Apple will launch the new iPhone 5 in October, it was only natural that Google will counterattack and set a similar release date for its supposed ‘’iPhone killer’’. This will be called, as some of you might already know, the Google Nexus Prime and will probably come with some pretty interesting features and powerful technical specifications.

Could Google Nexus Prime really be ''the iPhone killer''?

Could Google Nexus Prime really be ''the iPhone killer''?

While there is little or almost nothing that we can say for sure about the future Google smarpthone, we have had for months now rumors surrounding this smarpthone. We will take a look at all these rumors as follows, trying to figure out which one of these is likely to become reality.

Release date and pricing

The iPhone 5 will supposedly start shipping at the beginning of October,and it seems that the Nexus Prime will come out immediately after. There are two possible dates right now, depending on your sources, one being late October and one being around Thanksgiving( or late November).

We are inclined to trust the first of these two dates, considering that Google will probably want to be as close as possible to the iPhone’s release.

As far as pricing goes, we have almost nothing to report, giving that everybody still seems afraid to name any numbers. Our guess is that the Prime’s price will again depend on what Apple will do with the latest iPhone edition…


While the Google Nexus Prime is already called ‘’ a beast’’ due to its rumored features and technical specifications, the reported design is, to put it simple, far from impressive. With sport textured backplates and smooth, rounded corners, the new smartphone will probably be elegant and classy, but we highly doubt that it will look much better than the iPhone.

Another thing that worries us in terms of Prime’s design is that Google has aggressively advertised its future smarpthone as ‘’ultra thin’’ while failing to disclose any product dimensions. This makes us think that in reality the Nexus Prime will fall behind the iPhone 5 from this point of view, too.

However, we should keep in mind that we have very little details right now regarding this smartphone’s design and no photos and therefore we should avoid making any judgments or comparisons between what could be the Nexus Prime’s looks and the iPhone 5’s.

Features and specs

The most important change that the Nexus Prime will bring on the gadget market will be the introduction of the latest Android OS version, the 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich. Therefore, Google’s new smarpthone is set to be the most gifted Android device right now in terms of software and an important competitor for Apple’s iPhone.

The Google Nexus Prime will most likely be the first gadget powered by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The Google Nexus Prime will most likely be the first gadget powered by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The display’s exact size is the matter of a debate right now, with some reports claiming that it will be an already classic 4.5-inch one, while others state that it will be larger, at  4.65-inch. The second supposition makes more sense right now, after an alleged Samsung roadmap being leaked last week and including a 4.65-inch device with Ice Cream Sandwich. What is clear, nevertheless, is that the touchscreen panel will use the Super Amoled HD technology and that it will offer a 1280×720 pixels resolution.

Things are not very clear regarding the processor of the future smarpthone also, with the existence of two possibilities. Thus, the Nexus Prime could either be powered by a dual core OMAP4460 1.5 GHz chipset or it could feature its faster next generation sibling, the OMAP4470. In either cases, the Google smarpthone will probably feature 1 GB of RAM and in either cases, will probably be at least as powerful, if not more powerful than the iPhone 5.

Other Nexus Prime features should include 4G LTE connectivity, 1080p video recording and playback, as well as a 5MPx rear-facing camera and a 1 MPx front-facing camera specifically designed for video chat.


While iPhone’s supremacy on the smartphone market appeared almost indestructible only a while back, we could be faced with a spectacular reversal of forces in only a couple of months.

If the grand majority of rumors surrounding the Google Nexus Prime will become reality in October or November, we will be faced with a fast, strong, good-looking and most likely reliable smartphone that could become at least a very good iPhone alternative. However, keep in mind that almost all we have presented to you in this article is speculation and there is no real guarantee that any of it will become true in the near or distant future!

We will however update this article as we find new details, so stay tuned for that.

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Last updated: August 22, 2011 | Published: August 22nd, 2011
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