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First look at Chrome OS for tablets( Video)

Even though only months ago there were signs and rumors that Google’s Chrome OS will not be available anytime soon for tablets, we have something today that confirms the impending introduction of the operating system for tablet PCs.

We are talking about a video posted by web developer Francois Beaufort, which shows us very quickly some of the operating system’s features for tablets. While this is not an official video, the source is quite credible and the images don’t appear to be fake, which makes us almost positive that this is how the actual Chrome for tablets looks.

While there isn’t much presented to us in the one minute YouTube video, there are some things that attracted our attention and that make us quite interested in the upcoming release of this OS. First of all, the icons, text, location bar and all elements shown in the video look much bigger than usual. Of course, when it comes to tablets, most of the times bigger is not better, but this particular time bigger is actually better, because the size of the elements will allow you to easily touch them with the fingertip.

A quick glance at what could be the Chrome OS for tablets

A quick glance at what could be the Chrome OS for tablets

The QWERTY on-screen keyboard also looks pretty decent, again with big keys and slightly rounded edges. Also, the keys appear to have good response speed and overall they look clean and elegant.

Another interesting thing presented in the video is the way suggestions are laid out when entering a web address or a search term. While typically the suggestions would be shown in a drop-down menu view, the Chrome OS for tablets shows them in a horizontal placement with big buttons that are easy to access.

Aside from the virtual keyboard, the Chrome OS for tablets, as it is shown in the video, offers quick access to four other options, Web Store, Bookmark Manager, Chrome Web Store and Cloud Print. The browser doesn’t look very different from the computer or laptop versions and presents the same basic options that a browser should include, like the new tab, the reload, the bookmark options, as well as downloads, history or tools sections. Again, the browser seems to have a high response rate and offers sized up text, which is very user-friendly, if you ask us.

Basically, that is about all the video shows, which probably means that the operating system for tablets is still far from being finished and officially released. However, we think that the first signs are more than encouraging and advise you to stay close by in order to receive fresh news regarding Google’s new OS.

You can also check out the full video of what could be the Google Chrome Operating System for tablets:

Source: Liliputing

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Last updated: August 7, 2011 | Published: August 7th, 2011

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