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Dell Streak Pro tablet specs revealed, will hit stores June

Hot news about Dell’s future tablet, the Streak Pro, which was leaked a couple of weeks ago, together with a road map for other Dell products. The Streak Pro will be a 10 inch tablet and will run on Android Honeycomb, and considering there’s still time until the release date, the slate might come with Android 3.1 straight out of the box- either way, you get Dell’s Stage UI 2.0 on top.

Like many 10 inch tablets, the Streak Pro will pack the Tegra 2 dual core processor. We recently had an Asus Transformer overclocked to 1.4 GHZ on the same processor, so you should keep an eye on the developer community after purchase, as the Pro might get the same treatment. There’s also 1 GB of RAM, and the tablet weighs around 730 grams, which is similar to the Xoom and heavier than the iPad 2.

The Streak Pro will also have 2 cameras (with the one in the back rumored to be able to record HD video), 2 microphones and will be 12.9 mm thick. It’s pretty slim, but it’s not beating the champions in that niche; it’s more of a business tablet, which has to look good, work good and be solid enough to be carried around without a fuss. I guess that the Pro has the same target audience as the Playbook or the Fujistu Q550.

The Pro looks like a business tablet throughout

The Pro looks like a business tablet throughout

The screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution and supports multi touch gestures and it might be Gorilla Glass, as many other Dell tablets and smart phones have. There are a couple of storage options, including 16, 32 and 64 GB versions and there is also an SD card for adding to that. No other words about ports, but the pics leaked show that there will be lots of accessories for it, including a docking station, which might have all the connectivity options you need (including the make it or break it HDMI port).

Actually, there will be two docking stations, one dubbed an “entertainment dock” and another one, named “productivity dock”, one probably being more appropriate at home and the other one at the office. In terms of connectivity, you can go for a WiFi only version, but there’s also a 4G variant, which will work with AT&T’s LTE network. The tablet will be available in June for a still undisclosed price, and some rumors are claiming that the slate will actually be called “Gallo”. We’ll keep you posted.

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Last updated: May 30, 2011 | Published: May 30th, 2011
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