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Dell Streak 7 round up: it starts shipping today!

Remember we spoke about the Dell Streak 7 a while ago? It’s a 7 inch tablet, and the reviews it got from various bloggers were pretty much positive at that time…

This baby is set to start shipping today, February 2nd so I thought that you might want to read a round up of some of the most interesting online reviews. It was and still is a much expected tablet, so the editors had mo hesitations in talking about it on a large scale.

I don’t want to waste your time, so I have somehow summed up the most important ideas. Check them out below!

First, the display seems to be the weakest point of Dell Streak 7, as the guys from engadget.com let us know that while the resolution is not outstanding, the biggest issues arrive from the fact that the display is not bright enough and plus, the viewing angles are pretty tight, not to mention the fact that the battery life is pretty short (only 6 hours). The same drawbacks were noticed by jkOnTheRun and Laptop Magazine.

A close up picture of Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 starts being shipped today! Source: pricetrades.com

Gizmodo is another dell Streak 7 “fan”, as they blame the Android 2.2 OS (which is obsolete) and the fact that you can’t make phone calls for placing this tablet in the “no-buy” list.

These were the “minuses”. But is there something that could make you buy this tablet? Of course! First, you might want to know that Dell Streak 7 comes with a Tegra 2 processor- which is extremely reliable and powerful. Plus, it is being distributed by T-Mobile so it also offers fast 4G mobile broadband – something that not any tablet comes with.

Also, Streak 7 will have affordable prices ($200 with contract, $450 without), which means that it’s the ideal way to get a decent tablet for a good price. It may not be the star of the tablet PCs, but it can be a good device for a not-so-picky buyer.

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Last updated: February 2, 2011 | Published: February 2nd, 2011
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